The Pocket Shelf's story started in the St. Pete/ Clearwater Florida International Airport. The airport was crowded with passengers, including myself waiting for our flight that had been delayed for 5 hours. All the seats are taken and every outlet was as well. Having to charge my phone, I went searching for an outlet. The only ones that I could find were in the middle of the wide open walls, with nothing around to set my phone on, so it went on the floor. That disgusting floor. I was in an area that was distant from my gate, so there were a few seats available to sit, but I sat on the floor, with my phone so it didn't get stepped on. Irritating yes, soon forgotten, also yes. Fast forward a few weeks, I am watching TV and a commercial comes on, set in an airport, showing phones on the floor and all over each other near an outlet. This brought me back to Clearwater and knowing that I would be in that situation again at some point, I jumped right on Google and started looking for a way to keep my phone off he floor in that situation. Sounds like a given, right? Quick Google search, purchase, done and done. Wrong. There was nothing, and I looked and looked and looked some more and still came up empty. So with the thought fresh in my head, I went into my garage at 11:30 pm, I found an outlet cover a few mini hinges and some scrap plexi-glass and within a hour, I had my first prototype! At this point I really had no idea what I was in store for, I figured I would take it with me as I traveled and until then, I used it next to my recliner that had no place for a drink, except for the floor. I showed it to a couple friends and they loved it, telling me I should make and sell them. That started my Patent journey which by default led to refining the design and making it producible. Through hundreds of hours of research and learning, I found many local groups that support innovation with endless resources and contacts. I have met so many great people and have learned so much it's incredible. One contact has become a friend and also owns a product development company, through his company, I was able to turn my vision into an actual product and take delivery of my own inventory. In mid 2017, I was asked by HSN to compete with about 100 other new innovative products for the combined HSN and Good Housekeeping Magazine's search for the next recipient of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. I pitched The Pocket Shelf to the top Executives of both HSN and Good Housekeeping at the HSN studios in Clearwater Fl. How cool was that?! I have never done anything like in my life, what an experience! Although I was not selected as a finalist, HSN was so impressed with The Pocket Shelf, they offered me a segment on "American Dreams", this is where HSN highlights entrepreneurs with cool new products during Prime Time on their show. As of 3/25/2018 that is still in the works, they are currently working on the day and time of airing. This has been an amazing journey and I look forward to the future! The Pocket Shelf is available in three colors, Black, White and Grey. With so many ways to use the Shelf, my customers are always surprising me! If you find a new way to use it, send in a picture and I will add it to the wall!





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"The Pocket Shelf" is a Trademark of PRsF Innovations L.L.C.        

             The Pocket Shelf is Patented US D782,846S